Board of Aldermen

The Town operates under the Council-Manager form of government as provided in G.S. Chapter 160A, Article 7, Part 2. Under this form of government, the Council (a.k.a. “governing body”, “Board of Aldermen”, “Town Board”, “Board”) has the primary responsibility for establishing the general framework under which the government can meet the needs of the community and has a professional Manager to carry out Town policy and manage the Town government’s operations, departments, and personnel.  The Board makes broad policy decisions, enacts town ordinances, and establishes the annual municipal levy of taxes, in all cases acting as a collective body to represent the best interest of the Town of Granite Quarry and its citizens.

Granite Quarry’s Board of Aldermen has five members, consisting of a Mayor and four voting Aldermen (Mayor only votes to break a tie).  The qualified voters of the entire Town elect the members of the Board.  Aldermen are elected to four-year staggered terms, and the Mayor is elected separately every two years.  At the organizational meeting of the Board following each election, the Board appoints one of its members to serve as “Mayor Pro-Tem”, who fulfills the duties of Mayor in the Mayor’s absence.

The Mayor is the official head of the Town for the purpose of service of civil process, and for ceremonial purposes.  He or she presides over board meetings, is often the liaison among the Board to other political officials for advocating Board direction and goals, and may have other powers and duties as may be lawfully conferred upon him or her by the Board.

Mayor Bill Feather

Bill Feather

Term Expires 2021


Mayor Pro Tem John Linker

John Linker
Mayor Pro-Tem

Term Expires 2021


Alderman Jim Costantino

Jim Costantino

Term Expires 2023


Alderman Kim Cress

Kim Cress

Term Expires 2021


Alderman Doug Shelton

Doug Shelton

Term Expires 2023


Scheduled Meetings: The Town Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  These meetings are open to the public. Each regular meeting has an opportunity for public comments.

Regular Meeting Dates 2021

January 11 Monday
February 8 Monday
March 8 Monday
April 12 Monday
May 10 Monday
June 14 Monday
July 12 Monday
August 9 Monday
September 13 Monday
October 11 Monday
November 8 Monday
December 13 Monday


Regular Meeting Dates 2022

January 10 Monday
February 14 Monday
March 14 Monday
April 11 Monday
May 9 Monday
June 13 Monday
July 11 Monday
August 8 Monday
September 12 Monday
October 10 Monday
November 14 Monday
December 12 Monday

Board Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Minutes