The Administration Department is here to serve you. Our duties are mainly related to overall city administration, so if you are unsure which department or individual to contact for assistance, the Administration Department is the place to turn.

Budget FY 2023-2024 is available here.

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Interim Town Manager
Jason Hord, 704-279-5596 ext. 229
Fax:   704-279-6648

Town Clerk
Aubrey Smith, 704-279-5596 ext. 201
Fax:    704-279-6648

Town Planner
Planner 704-279-5596 ext. 204
Fax:    704-279-6648

Finance Officer
Shelly Shockley, 704-279-5596 ext. 214
Fax:    704-279-6648

Office Assistant
Debbie Loflin-Benge, 704-279-5596 ext. 212
Fax:    704-279-6648