Public Works


The Public Works Department consists of three full-time employees and several part-time and seasonal employees.Their duties are as varied as the employees themselves.  They may be seen anywhere around town at any given time picking up limbs, mowing grass, cleaning curbs, shoveling snow, or many other things too numerous to mention.  Personnel currently consists of:

Public Works Director-  Jason Hord 
Crew Leader- Colton Fries
Full-Time Technician- Alex Loflin
Part-Time Technician- Don Stoudt
Part-Time Technician- Frank Wright
Part-Time Technician- Jerry Trier
Part-Time Technician- Lee Yost
Part-Time Technician- Michael Leonard
Part-Time Technician- Connor Yon

The members of the Public Works Department take a lot of pride in their work and strive to the best of their ability to make Granite Quarry a great place to live.  They keep our public parks grounds and facilities clean and well maintained. If you have any issues or suggestions please call Jason Hord at (704)279-5596 Ext. 213. 


Free Brush & Limb / Leaf Pick Up

The Town services include curbside brush & small limb and also leaf pick up for the Town residents.

Limb / Brush Pick up - (Year-round)

Small limbs and brush are picked up on the first and third week of each month throughout the year.   You do not need to call or make arrangements with the Town Hall if you need limbs and/or brush picked up.  Please follow the guidelines below when leaving limbs and/or brush for us to pick up.

LeAf Pick Up - (Seasonal)

Leaf pick up service begins in October depending upon when the leaves fall, and will continue through January.  The public works crews will be out on the second and fourth week of each month during those months.  Note: Leaf pickup is provided through use of a leaf-vacuum vehicle.  Please DO NOT bag leaves. Please follow these guidelines when leaving leaves for us to pick up.

Limbs/ Brush & SEASONAL Leaf Pick Up GUIDELINES

You do not need to notify the Town for pick up.


  1. Pick up is the 1st & 3rd week of each month -  Have limbs out by Monday evening to be picked up Tuesday or Wednesday.
  2. Limbs cannot be longer than 10 feet and no wider than 8 inches in diameter- no stumps allowed.

3.  Each property owner may have up to one (1) dump truck load of debris per month.

4.  All limb and yard waste must be free of metal (nails, spikes, cans, yard furniture, etc.).

5.  All debris must be in one pile and stacked with cut ends toward street.

6.  Debris will not be picked up if stacked or piled near or around public utilities, fences, fire hydrants, mailboxes, etc.

7.  All debris must be placed in the Town’s right-of-way.

8.  Limb pickup schedule is subject to change at anytime.

9.  Town will not pick up any debris cut by a paid individual/company- pickup is responsibility of payee.

10.  If the Town damages a citizen’s property during limb pick up, the citizen needs to contact the Town right away so that repairs can be made.


1. Leaf pick up begins in October depending on when leaves fall, and will continue at least through the following January.

2. Public Works crews will pick up leaves on the second and fourth week during the pick up period.  Have leaves out by Monday evening to be picked up Tuesday or Wednesday.

3. A vacuum vehicle is used to pick up leaves, so please DO NOT BAG LEAVES.

4.  All leaves must be free of debris and limbs.

5. Place leaves close to the street, but not in the street.

**All town pickups are weather permitting and may be extended depending on volume.


Request a Street Light Repair

If you have a street light that needs to be repaired, report it here.


Double Ground Mulch

Mulch is available for both residents and nonresidents by appointment only. Appointments are made by calling Town Hall at 704.279.5596. Appointments are usually made for Friday afternoons. Payment can be made in person at Town Hall or by payment request sent through email. Scoop = one back hoe bucket full. One scoop fills an average truck bed. Two scoops fills an average trailer.

Residents - $10 per scoop

Nonresidents - $25 per scoop

Resident Delivery - $25