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Granite Quarry is seen by those just passing through as a sleepy little southern town, but its citizens and leaders have big dreams for its future. The Planning Department is working to make those dreams come true!

Located slightly off the beaten path of I-85, Granite Quarry has grown slowly over the past decades, but as the Central Piedmont Region of North Carolina flourishes, our population growth will pick up speed. Recognizing the value of our small-town atmosphere and charm, the Town took steps to preserve and improve our downtown commercial area by adopting a Downtown Masterplan in January of 2016. Our Revitalization Team is tasked with implementation of that and other improvement plans for our Town.

Our updated Unified Development Ordinance, or UDO (see Unified Development Ordinance below) was adopted in November of 2016 and is used by staff, Aldermen, and the Planning Board to ensure quality development throughout the Town and its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Our Zoning Map is being updated to mirror the changes made to the UDO and will be posted here soon. 

Under the direction of the Town Manager, the Town Planner coordinates projects with different Town Departments, Citizens Boards and Commissions and other public and private agencies to ensure that our Town remains a healthy and vibrant community with a high quality of life for its citizens. The Town Planner provides staff support for the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustments, Revitalization Team, and the Town's Board of Aldermen. The Planning Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Town Hall and its meetings are open to the public.

Contact the Town Planner at (704)-279-5596, ext. 204 or by email.

Granite Quarry Planning Board

Name                                Resides                       Term Expires 
Sandra Shell - Chair             Town                          07/31/2019
Jerry Austin                         Town                          07/31/2019
Greg Lowe                           ETJ                            07/31/2018
Aubrey Smith                      Town                          07/31/2020
Rev. David Trexler                ETJ                            07/31/2019
Sandy Fisher                       Town                          07/31/2018
Mark Troublefield                 Town                          07/31/2020
Vonda Jenkins-Kimrey          Town                          07/31/2020
Donna Goodman                  ETJ                            07/31/2020


Planning Board Agendas


Zoning Related Forms

Zoning Permit Application

Rezoning Application Form

Subdivision Site Plan Application Form

Text Amendment Application Form


Zoning Map

This Zoning Map was created on August 14, 2017. Changes may have been made since that time that are not shown on this map. Contact the Town Planner if you have questions about a specific parcel of land.


Unified Development Ordinance

UDO Zoning Documents:


UDO AMENDMENTS as of August 2018

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Purpose and Applicability

Chapter 2 General Provisions

Chapter 3 Zoning Districts & Permitted Use Table

Chapter 4 Special Requirements 

Chapter 5 Building Design Requirements

     UDO Chapter 5 Appendix A

Chapter 6 Signs

Chapter 7 Open Space & Environmental Protection

Chapter 8 Landscaping and Buffering

Chapter 9 Parking

Chapter 10 Infrastructure

Chapter 11 Development Review Process

Chapter 12 Development Plan Requirements

Chapter 13 Nonconformities

Chapter 14 Amendments

Chapter 15 Administration

Appendix A Definitions


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