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Fire Department Staff:

Jason Hord Fire Chief   Jacob Vodochodsky Firefighter
Travis Barnhardt Deputy Chief   James Garris Firefighter
Brian Peeples Asst. Chief FT - A Shift James Mills Firefighter
Bill Fraley Asst. Chief   Jennifer Peeples Firefighter
Jake Chambers Captain   Joe Simmons Firefighter
Kevin Strobel Captain   Jonathan Powers Firefighter
Jonathan McCaskill Captain   Joshua Fox Firefighter
Cameron Lapham Captain   Mark Troublefield Firefighter
Sean Dunham Lieutenant FT - C Shift Troy Agner Firefighter
Jake Keever Lieutenant FT - B Shift Luke Eggert Jr. Firefighter
Alan Shinn Firefighter   Tyler Bennett Jr. Firefighter
Allen Bennett Firefighter   Candace Fraley EMT
Austin Butler Firefighter   Elaine Carlton EMT
Brad Jackson Firefighter   John Piana EMT
Buddy Miller Firefighter   Alaina Myers First Responder
DJ Shipp Firefighter   Alicia Strange First Responder
Ethan Chirico Firefighter   Judy Morgan  First Responder
Holly-Anne Franco Firefighter      



Granite Quarry, North Carolina

The Granite Quarry Fire Department was formed after many years of consideration by the town officials.  A piece of equipment was purchased in 1949 and a fireman crew was organized in early 1950.  P.H. Leffler Jr. was appointed Chief, Harry Peeler was appointed Assistant Chief.  Luke Canup was appointed as secretary / treasurer.  It was decided to try to sign up and maintain a volunteer force of 50 so that at least 10 men would always be available.  The first fire station was located on S. Main street attached to the north side of the Lyerly Grocery Store near the intersection of E. Lyerly St.  This station featured two apparatus bays with a small meeting area; throughout the 1950’s and into the 1970’s the monthly department meetings were held in various places around town including the town hall, Legion building and of course the fire station.  In the late 1970’s the department officers and town board members began discussions regarding a new location for the fire station and town hall which is where these currently reside.

   The original department consisted of a single motorized fire apparatus but in the mid 1950’s an additional engine was purchased, and yet another in the early 1980’s.  It was the standard practice of the department to aid areas surrounding the town limits, but only one truck with men was approved to leave the city limits, the other truck and men were expected to remain in the town in case of additional emergencies.  Also, during the 1980’s the department purchased a delivery van to be converted into a service company as well as a minivan to allow transportation to and from fire schools and administrative duties.  In 1994 the department made its second large purchase of fire apparatus when it bought 2 twin Pierce Dash pumpers each with 1500 GPM fire pumps, 750-gallon water tanks, 30-gallon foam tanks and enough compartment space to accept modern firefighting equipment.  Then in 2001 the old service van was replaced with a Ford F350 crew-cab rescue truck which serves as a service company as well as a medical response vehicle.   Lastly the department replaced the minivan with a Ford Explorer in 2006 to function as not only a transport vehicle, but also for incident command and back-up medical response.

   The pride of the Granite Quarry Fire Department’s fleet is the 2015 Pierce Impel engine which has a 2000 GPM pump, 500-gallon water tank and exceeds the current needs of the department regarding compartment space by allowing future growth in the way of tools and equipment.

The Granite Quarry Fire Department was a totally volunteer force until the early 2000’s when part-time staff was added during peak hours, but still depended upon volunteers during the night and on weekends.  Over the course of the past 15 years the department has grown to have 3 full-time positions whom rotate 24hr shifts, approx. 15 part-time personnel as well as a very active volunteer force which enables the department to provide fire & emergency response to the citizens of Granite Quarry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

                                          Historic FD Photo

Granite Quarry Fire Department Important Event(s) Timeline

April 12th, 1951 – New fire apparatus delivered

September 1951 – Mutual aid discussions; purchased second apparatus

October 12th, 1951 – New hose received and tested under pressure

March 17th, 1952 – First aid classes taught

November 1952 – Alarm system consisted of three specifically installed & located telephones – one at R.M. Andrews, one at Raymond Russell’s, and one at the fire station.  The person answering one of the three phones will get the location of the fire and set off the siren at the fire station.

1953 – Department officials approved program to sell fire extinguishers to town residents

October 4 – 10, 1953 – Department personnel started annual fire prevention activities

Sept. 30, 1957 –Mayor Brown reported that the town will pay each fireman $1.00 for each meeting he attended.

October 21, 1957 – Two-way radios for trucks and station

March 1958 – Department purchased 24 Merlite Fire alarms to sell at a price of $4.95 each

November 17, 1958 – New fire coats and hats placed on apparatus

                                          Fire Trucks

Granite Quarry Fire Department Chiefs

1950 - 1955 P.H. Lefler Jr. 1999 - 2000 E. Heilig
1955 - 1957 G. Russell 2000 - 2004 D. Morris
1957 - 1964 E. Eller 2004 - 2005 D. Peters
1969 - 1970 H. Lingle 2005 - 2006 C. Beeker
1970 - 1978 G. Shoe 2006 - 2009 D. Morris
1978 - 1988 J. Lyerly 2009 - 2015 M. Troublefield
1988 - 1995 M. Brinkley 2015 - 2018 D. Brown
1995 - 1997 B. Fraley 2018 - Present J. Hord
1998 - 1998 R. Meisenheimer