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Granite Quarry Board of Aldermen
Mayor Bill Feather

Bill Feather

Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Brinkley

Mike Brinkley
Mayor Pro-Tem

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Jim Costantino

Alderman Jim LaFevers

Jim LaFevers

Alderman Arin Wilhelm

Arin Wilhelm

Board Member Contact Information

Mailing Address:
   Town of Granite Quarry
   P.O. Box 351
   Granite Quarry, NC  28072

Phone Numbers:
   Phone:(704) 279-5596
   Fax:(704) 279-6648

eMail Links:
  Town of Granite Quarry
  Mayor Bill Feather
  Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Brinkley
  Alderman Jim Costantino
  Alderman Jim LaFevers
  Alderman Arin Wilhelm

Term expirations:

Mayor Feather - 2018
Mayor Pro Tem Brinkley - 2017
Alderman Costantino - 2019
Alderman LaFevers - 2019
Alderman Wilhelm - 2017

    The governing body of the Town of Granite Quarry is the Board of Aldermen, which has five members.

    The qualified voters of the entire Town elect the members of the Board.  Members of the Board are elected to four-year terms. In (1989) and each four years thereafter, two members of the Board shall be elected. In (1991) and each four years thereafter, three members of the Boards shall be elected.

       The Town operates under the Council-Manager plan as provided in
G. S. Chapter 160A, Article 7, Part 2. (Administration of Council-Manager Cities)

Scheduled Meetings and Holidays : The Town Board meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. If the first Monday falls on a holiday, the Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month. is the official web site of the Town of Granite Quarry, North Carolina.

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